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Ray Bans For Women really need to be an Impersonator I like Jason Lee, but he is so very wrong for this part. To fix the show. Do. Lazy K House gift shop, at Orchard Florist Nursery, 4010 Mount Diablo Blvd., Lafayette. The Lazy K is the place I go to find all fun things such as garden decor, giftware and 'new antiques.' On any given day this adorable cottage is bustling, especially so before each major holiday when the shop ladies outdo themselves creating a festive atmosphere for all, young and old. There is something special to be found here, even for those pesky friends who have everything. The Lindsay Wildlife Museum, 1931 First Ave., Walnut Creek. It's just a fabulous place to take the kids or simply yourself to learn about all creatures great and small. Their separate rehabilitation hospital is open long hours each day to receive wounded wildlife from the biggest to the smallest such as the baby finch found on my patio that I once hand carried in. The Yoga Movement Center, 1379 Locust St., Walnut Creek. I swear by owner and instructor 's restorative yoga class on Monday afternoons. The center offers a wide range of classes based on the methods. It is a tranquil, uplifting, meditative place to be. Masse's Pastries, 1469 S

Ray Bans For Women hattuck Ave., Berkeley. If I want something decadent, beautiful and sweet, I call Paul and immediately. Located in North Berkeley, just up the street from Chez Panisse, this shop also houses a small cafe where you can drop in for a pastry and double latte or schedule a tasting of the best and most beautiful wedding cakes you will ever see. Each box of goodies you decide to take home is tied with a brown and white polka dot grosgrain ribbon. Too perfect and special.Memphis Beat 2 I'm bloggin ahead of time, so you guys can start talking as soon as Memphis Beat is over. If you haven't watched it, stop reading. It's very likely there will be spoilers below. So, whatcha think Love it Hate it Somewhere in between I have to say this I totally understand why the show wasn't shot in Memphis. Money makes the world go 'round. But as a lifelong Memphian, I can say that it would be 100 times better if it had been shot here. A couple shots of Beale Street and the Pyramid does not Memphis make. athough the other millions of people that live outside of Memphis probably aren't bothered by this. I love the new boss. She's pretty, smart, sassy, and she does bossy real well. DJ Qualls isn't too convincing as a cop. It's almost laughable. I love him,

Ray Bans For Women I think he's great. I just don't think he would last too long on the mean streets of Memphis. I'm curious to see if the other episodes are going to revolve so much around Memphis history. It seems like they're trying a bit too hard. It also seems that they're trying to portray Memphis 40 or 50 years ago. I'm not seeing enough grit and grime. I mean come on, they're filming in NOLA and the setting is Memphis they can find grit and grime. All in all, I think it's promising. It has potential. I'm looking forward to the next few episodes so I can really get an opinion on it. Tell me your thought Your likes Your dislikes Memphis breed born I liked the line up it is all about entertainment I grew up in this city during the 60's. I play guitar purchased at a pawn shop on old Beale I lived in New Orleans and recognized some of the landmarks in both cities. The biggest thorn in my side is what is wrong with the Memphis leadership in this time of joblessness why can't we sell Memphis. Just because you call it a rose it doesn't mean it will smell like a rose. If it was filmed in Memphis you could have had the rose smell right. Memphis will always be home to me. I think the actors pulled off a great job even if the true feel of Memphis was mi

Ray Bans For Women

ssing. Kudos to the cast First, I think I liked it more than most of you, except maybe Walt. I was stopping and starting it to take phone calls, so I thought the disjointed feel was from that we'll see next week. But like Walt, recognizing elements of both cities was a little disjarring to me. Enh, I doubt anyone in New York City is going to know that a yellow and purple building is more New Orleans than Memphis, but I did. And some of the neighborhoods were clearly NOLA. I'm sort of charmed by the old fashioned take on the city and I think it'll serve us well nationally. And it's a sweet little show. Dwight seems to be a good man, Alfre Woodard is her usual excellent self she also played Lafayette's mom on True Blood on Sunday, and it seems like a good cast. I agree with the others who said that a lot of the Memphis was contrived. It reminded me of the short lived That 80's show that just came off as a parody. And give me a good southern biscuit anytime and anywhere and I'm totally happy. The pacing was off. They played every cliche Memphis song. Are they going to have Elvis week in every show People who live here don't say Memphis that much. At least you could really film it here. The accents were all over the place. Worst, lip.

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